At Klever Sports Management, we are committed to providing comprehensive and transparent services that deliver consistent results. We serve football clubs seeking elite players and professional athletes, making sure every aspect of their career is in their best interests while giving them professional guidance to help them make informed decisions.

Youth Management

Youth sports manement agency

We Pave The Future For Young Talent

We guide young athletes, closely collaborating with coaches, clubs and scouts to prepare them for a fruitful professional sporting career. From customised training programs from our FA qualified coaches to formulating targeted solutions for all their problems, we deploy an all-inclusive approach to safeguard our budding athlete’s careers without compromising on their education.

Moreover, we equip our young athletes with extensive training to prepare them for a smooth transition into the fast-paced world of professional sport and continue to support them as they rise to the peak of their careers.


World-Class Representation

Klever Sports Management encompasses highly qualified professionals who draw their expertise form their wealth of knowledge and experience in the sports industry to successfully manage professional tennis and football athletes.

We help our clients secure the best contracts possible that are beneficial to them in as per their worth on fair terms. Moreover, we negotiate high signing bonuses and incentive-based stipends for our client while trying to limit the number of guidelines and restrictions that may result in loss of finances or contract termination upon violation.


Sports Agency Management brokering

Contract Negotiation To The Highest Level

Contract negotiation is a complex and delicate process that requires time, patience and a high degree of experience to reach mutual interest. Our FA Certified Intermediaries undertake contract negotiations on behalf of athletes and sports clubs to maximise their utilities. We also facilitate smooth and profitable transfers for our clients, negotiating profitable deals to establish mutual ground between buying and selling clubs.

We weigh the risks and benefits of adding terms to contracts before signing, paying attention to every detail of the contract to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Brand Management & Endorsements

Establish A Lasting Presence

A successful personal brand not only connects professional athletes to their fans – it opens doors to business, investment and philanthropic opportunities with the potential of turning your name into a household name.
We help athletes establish powerful brands to enhance their perceived value, scalable income potential and influence without deviating from their principles and values.

We utilise traditional and digital marketing strategies for maximum effect while incorporating agile brand management techniques to build your brand.

Realise Your Ambitions

Klever Sports Management Agency connects athletes to brands, creating a broad spectrum of marketing.  We work with renowned trademarks to secure opportunities which include endorsements, appearances, humanitarian efforts, equity partnerships and more.

We understand how important it is to endorse brands that are trustworthy and stand for what you believe in. KSM procures endorsement deals and sponsorships for athletes to not only generate more fortune but to also further improve their publicity without putting their reputation at stake.

Public & Media Relations

Sports agency broker

Enhance Your Image

A good reputation makes athletes gives them a positive public perception, making them more marketable to revenue-generating opportunities and high profile teams.

Professional athletes must be upright in character both on and off the field. We help our clients maintain their public image and avoid public scandals that may taint their reputation, employing effective crisis management tactics to recover our client’s reputations in the event of compromising predicaments.

Moreover, we conduct media training for our clients, educating them on the dangers of the media and how they can use its power to their advantage.

Financial Management

Secure Your Future

It is our responsibility to not only help our clients maximise their income but to also assist them in developing a sound financial plan and investment strategies that give them long-term financial security. We manage our player’s finances, assets, real estate, investments, and taxes while carrying out comprehensive risk management reviews to safeguard them from scams and affluence that may hinder prosperity.
Additionally, we help our clients establish contacts that lead to second carrier opportunities and strategically develop business opportunities. KSM pulls all the strings to ensure that clients build generational wealth that will support them and their loved ones after retirement or in the event of misfortune.

Legal Advice

Get Clear Counsel From Specialist Legal Practitioners

Professional legal advice is a wise investment in sport, especially before committing yourself to law binding contracts.

Klever Sports Agency partners with specialist legal practitioners and expert business development practitioners to provide legal services for athletes and sports clubs on employment contracts, disciplinary actions, international tax planning, business ventures defamation, privacy violations and more.


Build Your Legacy...

One of the most difficult decisions that even the greatest of athletes have to make is hanging their boots. Apart from age, unforeseen events such as severe injuries can lead to an early retirement. Athletes have a narrow window of time to secure their future making it very important for them to plan.

We seek and create opportunities that enable our clients to generate income and guide them on their business strategies off the field. Additionally, we help our clients explore lucrative second career opportunities – from coaching, philanthropic endeavours and television careers to sponsorships opportunities and lasting brand endorsements.

At KSM, we embark on media and commercial endeavours that afford or clients the opportunity to enhance their profile, maximise their reach and give the world a glimpse of their life off the field.

We closely collaborate with sponsors on numerous high profile campaigns to lead our clients to profitability.

Our communities play a big role in moulding us into who we are, and we believe it is only right to give back. We proactively work with our clients, encouraging them to share their life experiences with our youth for the betterment of our future generations.

It is an honour for us at Klever Sports Management Agency, to partner with select non-profit organisations in supporting and endorsing equity and fair opportunities in sport and society at large.

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